I have acquired more books…

No usual update this week, because I was on vacation and didn’t get much of a chance to read and write. I have, however, acquired more books since my last haul, so this seems like an opportunity to show them off. Once again, many of them are ebooks that were on my TBR list and happened to be on sale…a consequence of finally getting my own a debit card. Well, I’m not complaining.

Censors at Work: How States Shaped Literature by Robert Darnton : I went to the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. (it was awesome), and they had a lot of books in the gift shop, both fiction and nonfiction, and I really wanted to pick up a nonfiction that interested me to read outside of my comfort zone. I almost picked up a book about spies throughout American history, but then I saw this, and I’m really glad I did because it’s right up my alley and I think I’ll learn a lot. It focuses on the effects on literature of the censorship in Bourbon France, British India, and Soviet East Germany. (Have I mentioned I really like history? I love history.)

The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett: I’ve wanted to read this for a while, and it was a monthly deal, so I couldn’t resist it. I’ve really only read one Discworld novel so far, but I love the satire, and I’m interested in how this one crosses over with kidlit/YA. (The Kindle edition is still just $5.)

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah: This was a Kindle Daily Deal, and I had to pick it up because the book was such a hit last year and it’s historical fiction about women during World War II…did I mention I love history?

The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R. Carey: I’m not very interested in zombies, but I’ve heard such great things about this that I was curious. I honestly don’t know much else, but I want to go into this one fairly blind. (Unfortunately, it seems that the Kindle deal for this one was limited and has since expired.)

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown:  As I mentioned earlier, I’m looking to expand into more nonfiction, and this was a book that was recommended on the Book Riot podcast and caught my attention because I have a lot of trouble taking risks. Book Riot also alerted me that this book was on a daily ebook sale, so I picked it up and I’m hoping to get to it soon.

Have you read any of these? What books have you acquired recently, bought or library?


Mini Book Haul, ft. Ebooks

I’ve acquired some books and a new Kindle recently, so I thought I would share!

Persuasion by Jane Austen: I’ve been meaning to read more Austen and I’ve heard such great things about this one. I got the Penguin Deluxe Edition because it seemed both thorough and pretty, and while it is an even nicer product than I expected (it had deckled edges and French flaps), there aren’t footnotes…though there is an introduction.

And now for the ebooks, which were all bought on deals:

George by Alex Gino: This is still $2.99, by the way! This has been a really breakout middle grade debut about a fourth-grade trans girl and I’ve been meaning to read it but wasn’t sure what format to read it in. Ultimately, this deal means I’ll read it sooner rather than georgelater…and I actually started reading it and I’m enjoying it! (Actually, because it’s so short, I’m almost a quarter of the way in.)

The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber: This has been on my list because Jen Campbell on YouTube loves it so much, and I’ve been wanting to read more contemporary literary fiction. So when I saw the deal, I couldn’t ignore it. It’s about a man who travels to another planet (I think) as a missionary, so it sounds like there should be plenty of interesting discussions in there.

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld: This was a deal as well, and while this wasn’t one of the YA series I was most interested in, I do love history and I do particularly love World War One (and everything that led up to it).So upon reading the summary again, I decided I’ll definitely give it a shot for the historical references!

What books have you acquired recently?